Thursday, November 13, 2014

Leading Yourself Before the One

John 5:9: Grudge not one against another, brethren, lest ye be condemned: behold, the judge standeth before the door.

Before attending University 101, my Lion was struggling to show respect in a particular relationship.  My Hyena was choosing to react to their Hyena instead of my Lion choosing to act and set an example. My inability to influence my own behavior and to be the Lion I wanted to be frustrated me. Frequently during University 101, I wondered how I could influence myself and the other person with whom I had conflict, to be even better.

After University 101, I shared with a friend some of the incredible lessons I had learned. I learned that we must be able to lead ourselves before we can lead the one, the group and the multitude. My friend seemed really interested in what I had to share, however, our talk turned to the person with whom I had been having conflict before attending University 101. We both started criticizing this person and their inability to lead themselves and therefore the one or the group.

Later that day, the Heavenly Guide inspired me to read James 5 in the New Testament. I was reminded that I should not grudge (backbite) others and judge them.   My Hyena tells me that I am above others when I compare their weaknesses to my strengths.  However, I learned from University 101 that growth is not a linear path. It has edges that go off in all different directions. Judging others, including myself, is a negative behavior pattern that I need to change.  Our Creator gave us our Lion and Hyena to provide opposition in all things.  Our Hyena empowers our Lion.  Without it, there would be no opposition and therefore we would not have agency. The Creator gave us weakness that we may be humble and become strong by overcoming it. When we criticize ourselves or others for a weakness, we may be in danger of criticizing the Creator.  Am I going to change this negative behavior pattern of judging overnight? Probably not. However, I am more aware of it now and that is step one. How can I lead the one if I can't consistently lead myself?

I wondered how I could show more respect for this person whom I had judged. I was inspired to give them admiration and to think of something that they had done for me that I was grateful for. This was part of the Morning Empowerment and had helped me so much with respect to increasing my love and respect for my husband. This morning, I sent this person an admiration and they seemed to really appreciate it. I also decided to clear the air with my friend and share with them this lesson that I am sharing with you. Every time I think it’s someone else that needs to change, it always comes back to me. I need to lead myself before I can lead the one…

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