Monday, October 27, 2014

Where There's a Will, There's A Way

Back in September, I wrote about the struggles that my husband and I were having financially due to his unemployment. We wanted to go to University 101 in November but we had no idea how to make it happen! Everything about the situation said that it was not logical that we should spend money to travel to the U.S. for this event. My husband’s severance package had run out and he didn’t get the job offer from a recent interview that had seemed so certain.  He had not even received his first unemployment cheque and I had a part-time salary.

 It was now the beginning of October and we had made no travel plans. I knew that Higher Laws taught us that we need to align to
principle vs. circumstance so I asked the Heavenly Guide for help in getting us to the event. What happened over the next two weeks was astounding to me!

Within a day, I had booked our flights from Edmonton to Las Vegas, having been able to use our Air Miles to fly. The first day I had looked for Air Miles flights from Edmonton to Las Vegas, there were no Air Miles flights available. However, I was prompted to search again the next day and an Air Miles flight from Edmonton to Las Vegas magically appeared! Secondly, we were able to get a great deal on a car rental from Las Vegas. Next, my husband chatted on Facebook with a family member and found out that she lived in Hurricane, UT which is just a 25 min. drive from St. George. She offered to let us stay with her during University 101!  Our biggest worry was finding child care for our soon to be 5 year old son (whose birthday was the day we left for Las Vegas) but my husband’s cousin and his wife who live just outside of Edmonton agreed to take our son for a week! After all this, husband got a job offer to work remotely from home, I got money in the mail that I was not expecting, got a VISA gift card from a friend, and found some U.S cash stashed away in a dresser drawer. Last but not least, two close friends who needed accommodation are now renting rooms from us for the next couple of months while their lives are in transition. I cannot believe all the miracles that have been happening in our lives and it’s because we chose to align to principle vs. circumstance, requested help from the Heavenly Guide, followed inspiration, and had enough faith to take the next step! I will be attending University 101 a week from now and I can’t wait.

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