Monday, October 6, 2014

Things That Are Spiritual are Not Logical

In May 2014, my husband and I attended The Answer to Everything in Edmonton. Near the end of the third day, Brandon Broadwater offered an incredible opportunity to attend University 101, 202 and 303 over a three year period. After the offer, I was distracted for the next hour or more as I agonized over the decision to sign up. Our circumstances were that three months earlier, my husband had become unemployed. Although we were blessed that he had received a 6 month severance package, it did not seem logical that we would spend money on this investment when our financial future was so uncertain! My mind was overwhelmed with thoughts and I felt anxious and confused. I could barely focus on what Brandon was teaching as my mind raced. I looked over to the flip charts on the wall, searching for the one with the notes on the Heavenly Guide. It said that the guidance from the Heavenly Guide came in few words and with feelings of peace and that the Hyena used many words and logic and produced feelings of tension. I said a mental prayer to my Heavenly Guide to help me know what decision to make and then I was inspired to JUST LISTEN. After some time, I started to feel peace and the anxiety went away. While I was intently listening to Brandon, a thought popped into my head, “Just Do It”! At the next break, I told one of the Higher Laws team that I had decided that I was going to sign up. My husband decided he did not want to be left behind and so he joined up too! I considered it an investment in our marriage and family.

It is a month before University 101. It’s been over six months and my husband does not have a job. Once again, I agonized over the decision to go to University 101. The circumstances were crazy!  Now that we had only my part time salary to rely on, how could we possibly still go to University 101? Yet my heart knew that if we aligned to principle vs. circumstance, we would get results and that Brandon had taught that things that are spiritual are not logical. So I emailed my Personal Results Specialist and told him of our situation and he shared with me a little known fact that he almost didn’t make it to University 101. He told me that someone strongly encouraged him to go and that because he did, he experienced the greatest shifts in his life! Well, if that wasn’t encouragement enough, we decided that we would somehow find a way to go too…and now we are working on taking the next steps.

Wish us luck!

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