Friday, November 7, 2014

The Edge at University 101

On the first morning of University 101, I groggily walked up to the registration table. Immediately a lady that I recognized from The Answer to Everything kindly notified me that there was a line for the registration. I looked and saw several people standing in line behind her. Embarrassed, I apologized for not noticing that there was a line and went to the end of it. “Man, I am not even here for 5 minutes and I am already ticking somebody off”, I thought to myself.

For the rest of University 101, I thought this lady had a really bad first impression of me. When I saw her in the event room or in the convention center on breaks, I tried to catch her eye so that I could give her a smile but we never seemed to make direct eye contact. This lady had a real presence and power about her, and I felt really intimidated by her. I thought to myself, “She doesn’t like me…”

Near the very end of the event, Brandon Broadwater asked us to change partners again. I saw this lady sitting beside her husband and the Heavenly Guide prompted me to go over and sit next to her. I mustered up my courage, slid into the seat next to her and asked her if she wanted to be my partner. She gave me this huge smile and happily agreed.

We quickly discovered that we actually had allot of things in common and were enjoying some wonderful discussions. I admitted to her that I had felt intimidated by her all week and that coming and sitting next to her had been an edge for me. She was so surprised by this admission and was concerned that she had done something wrong. However, I assured her that she had been tenderly upfront with me at the registration table and that my own insecurities were the problem.

She admired that I had the courage to overcome my fears and was grateful that she had been open to my request as she had already made plans to be partners with her husband. Before the end of the event, she and I exchanged contact information and were grateful that we’d had the opportunity to meet and get to know each other.

 I learned that when I move out of my comfort zone and am open and willing to take a chance on making a connection, I am serving myself and others with the gift of possibility. You never know the treasures you may be unwrapping.

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