Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Who Else is Going to Give You a Broken Arrow?

In late 2013, I received an invitation from a married couple that I knew to play this game called Abundance. I didn’t really want to play it, but an invisible force called the Creator pushed me towards it. During the game, we took turns sharing personal stories whenever a Spiritual Man card was drawn. I confessed to this couple some of the struggles I had been having in relationships.  They told me that they had experienced some of the same struggles but had learned to overcome them after learning certain principles at The Answer to Everything. They offered me two tickets to the next event and I accepted. I felt hope and knew that the opportunity I had just been given was an answer to prayer.

About a week before the event, fear overwhelmed me and I almost backed out. I thought to myself, “What’s the point?”  However, I once gain felt the Creator push me towards what I feared. I asked my husband if he would go with me to the event, he said yes, and then I took the next step to make it happen.

During the May 2014 event in Edmonton, Brandon Broadwater had us write an issue that we wanted to release on the side of a wooden arrow. After much thought, I finally wrote “Doubting my husband’s love for me”. With courage, I placed the head of the arrow against my neck and pushed the tail against my partner’s neck until it broke!!! I never doubted my husband’s love for me again.

The first line of the song Broken Arrow by Robbie Robertson is “Who Else is Going to Give You a Broken Arrow?” I learned that Broken Arrow is a Native American expression meaning “peaceful end of conflict”. After the event was over, miracles started happening in my life.

Through the Morning Empowerment Ritual and Evening Sacred Questions, my perspective increased and I started seeing my own pride and where I was holding back. I pondered things my husband had done for me that I was grateful for and started admiring him daily. I took steps to make my relationship with my Creator the highest priority and earnestly sought his desires for me. I had finally learned that if I wanted things to change, I needed to change. If I wanted things to be better, I needed to be better. It all had to start with me. And you know what? My relationship with my husband started to get better!

Thanks to Brandon and the Higher Laws team for giving me a broken arrow! The Answer to Everything has brought peace to my life. This is only the beginning!

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